Choosing the right packing crates or cases is vital to ensure that your valuable products will be protected and shipped at minimum cost. We work with you to reduce or eliminate damage. 

We will design the most cost efficient packaging solution for your business, based on the product to be shipped. We’ll also determine how much protection is required and the nature of the journey to your end customer. 
Our sustainable timber packing cases and crates offer exceptional strength, flexibility and economic and environmental advantages and our team of designers will work with you to ensure that our bespoke crates and cases are perfect for your product, whatever the size or weight. 
We only use timber that is ISPM 15 standard, meaning you can export your products to any destination in the world. 


Ideal for road and air freight. 
More suited to lightweight cargo. 
Can accommodate large volumetric sizes. 
Available in 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 18mm and 25mm plywood thicknesses. 
Close softwood boarded base with forklift runners. 
Available flat packed or pre assembled. 


More robust packaging than cardboard cartons. 
For lightweight airfreight cargo. 
Can be supplied with softwood solid bases (for heavier cargo). 
Available in a range of sizes up to the maximum dimensions: 120 x 100 x 85 cms. 
Available in KD form or ready made. 


Seafreight case suitable as two way entry for lighter, smaller cargo. 
Ideal too for container stowing and road freight. 
Strong, robust and sturdy, BER wooden cases provide a cost-effective method to export pack cargo for seafreight. 
Recommended maximum weight is 2 tonnes. 
These cases often supplied for use on TV and film sets. 


Our sea freight machine base wooden cases are designed for heavier, larger consignments requiring good robust protection in transit. 
Designs commensurate with weight and size of cargo. 
This type of case offers solutions for all types of equipment. 
Ideal for ocean freight. 
Available as screwed or nailed. 
No limits on size and weight. 


These offer suitable packaging for cargo requiring basic handling protection, but not full weatherproofing during transit. 
They can be designed for any size of cargo. 
Ideal type of packaging to ease handling of equipment through ports. 
Can be supplied with close boarded softwood base with forklift runners. 
Suitable for road or sea freight 


Our exhibition, ‘nail-free’ cases are constructed primarily for continued reuse. 
Often used for exhibition display items that require protective packaging during periods of non-use. 
Available in a number of styles in plywood, softwood, and screwed or bolted for ease of assembly. 
Can be stored flat packed. 
Their innovative construction allows easy access from any side. 
Optional extras include: wheels and fire retardancy. 


With complete control over our manufacturing and designs, we are able to supply purpose built packaging solutions in addition to the standard size bases and cases readily available. Ranging from tailor made cases for highly sensitive and fragile cargo providing a suspension pack inside and outside the case, to tough, robust, wooden and metal skids for heavy weight generator packages; our designers and planners will seek out every detail to totally retrofit your consignment. 
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