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Protective Packaging


Crating Solutions UK Ltd understand the threats placed on the stability and integrity of your products during storage and transit.  Our climatic packaging solutions will counteract these problems.

We can provide a vast range of anti-corrosion and anti-static protective packaging.  Simply call us to discuss your requirements and we will offer the best advice and the most suitable product for your requirements.

 The Aluminium Barrier foil bags and liners to suit any application where deterioration of the packages product may take place due to attack from:

  • Moisture

  • Oxygen ingress

  • U.V. Light

  • Temperature Extremes

  • Odours

  • Mould and Fungi Growth

  • Grease and Oils

  • Chemicals 

Benefits of protective packaging: 

  • Eliminates corrosion

  • Reduced desiccant usage and thus overall shipping weight

  • No need to use preservation methods requiring cleaning

  • Eliminates the need to re-dry the product

  • Eliminates odour transfer, into or out of the pack

  • Reduces the need to invest in modified atmosphere storage

  • Outer packaging cleanliness

  • Allows the outer container to be disposed of by simple landfill process

  • Suitable for 'hot fill' applications

  • European pharmacopoeia and FDA approvals for direct contact

  • Suitable for anti static-application

  • Liners allow outer containers to be re-used

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