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Environmental Policy

At Crating Solutions UK Ltd (CSL) we take our environmental responsibilities very seriously and only procure timber from certified sustainable sources. 

As a member of the Timber Trade Federation, Forestry Commission and Timcon, our aims are to deal with any waste properly and also assess the effects of using transport, consuming energy and to seek professional advice to reduce or minimise any harmful effect we have. Our cases are bespoke and built to our customers requirements.

CSL recognises a responsibility to its customers, suppliers and staff to base its activities on well-managed forests.

CSL will only source from suppliers who are operating in accordance with the laws of their country.

CSL will work in partnership with its suppliers and customers to facilitate the flow of the clearest practical information about wood product sources, and will seek from supplier's evidence of good forest management practice at the original source of the relevant product.

CSL will continue to employ professional advisor's in this capacity, ensuring that we comply with legislation and constantly strive to improve our effect on the environment.

All our timber is purchased from approved sustainable sources. 


We are members of the Industry’s Forestry Commission Scheme for Export Crates.